H-Farm Digital Marketing adopts Fuori Campo

H-FARM Digital Marketing is an agency which focuses on digital marketing and was born from the H-Farm platform and nowadays is part of the Digital & Media divion in JAKALA. It has around a hundred and twenty highly specialized yet multidisciplinary professionals working in Digital Marketing, with a particular focus on communication and its real impact on the company’s business. Through a strongly data driven approach and oriented to the exploration of new channels and forms of interaction, it proposes a range of services that covers all the touch points of the digital customer experience.

New entry of our Communication Sponsors, H-Farm Digital Marketing has decided to adopt the project Fuori Campo, presented by the benefit society Boniviri, whose aim is to showcase in an innovative and sustainable way the tools, the traces, the labors and the land of the virtuous farmers of our Country and their ancestors as well as the result of their labor: Italian agri-foods that are unique and exceptional. A narration that’s universally applied through the production of a sustainable book, a short film and a digital archive that, starting from Sicily, will cross, in different moments, our whole country to showcase its heritage.

“We have decided to participate in the Foundation’s project, choosing to support Boniviri, because we believe that digital marketing can contribute significantly to the expression of the enormous potential of the Italian agrifood sector. Starting from Boniviri, with which we share the values of excellence, group and sustainability, we want to do our part for innovation in Italian agrifood” – says Giorgio Sacconi, Managing Director of the Digital & Media division in JAKALA.