M&C Saatchi adopts AMACI

M&C Saatchi was founded in the mid 90s by the Saatchi brothers, Maurice and Charles (M&C).
It soon became a network, but an independent one, a sort of confederation with local members in each country where the group is represented. In Italy, it was opened ten years ago by five partners, Carlo Noseda, Silvio Meazza, Jonathan Grundy, Vincenzo Gasbarro and Luca Scotto di Carlo. The approach has been hybrid from the outset, with a strong digital component combined with locally- based events, called Reality Advertising that transform campaigns in true installations in the city.

M&C Saatchi is one of our new communication sponsors for the year 2022 and it has decided to adopt the project presented by AMACI. The association, whose acronym means Association for the Contemporary Art Museums in Italy is a no-profit association that rounds up 24 of the most important Italian contemporary museums. 

Born in 2003, AMACI has proved to be an active player in the contemporary art world, devising and realizing numerous initiatives whose aim was to promote contemporary art and its players in Italy and abroad. Given its mission and given the necessity to represent, other than the museums, the big transformations and the changes that have occurred in the art world in last years, the Association’s aim is to renew its visual identity and to showcase it through a communication and rebranding campaign which will culminate in the Giornata del Contemporaneo, an annual event which in 2022 will come to its eighteenth edition.