Decentralised Museum of Scattered Settlements

The Museo Diffuso (Decentralised Museum) is a cultural association that strives to protect and enhance the furriadroxius and medaus, very distinctive and unmistakable agricultural systems in the rural landscapes of Sulcis, in southern Sardinia.

Furriadroxius and medaus are a sort of family farm, agricultural and pastoral settlements which were one of the main sources of economic support for the population of Sulcis before the rural areas were abandoned.

In this particular historical moment, the crisis has generated innovation and new processes in metropolitan life models, together with return immigration, conscious neo-entrepreneurship, conversion of traditional businesses into ecological forms and new farmers with ethical values. Each of these phenomena could play a socially and culturally central role in the process for protection and enhancement.

A decentralised hotel spread out over an area, integrated with the decentralised museum in a communion of functions and interests, is particularly suited to redeveloping and confirming the scattered settlement system. MuDIS strongly believes in protecting the territory not only for tourism purposes, but also to create conditions that enable the generations to carry on this work. The project will allow for the emergence of new economies based on productivity and local narratives, whether related to food, craftsmanship, design, theatre, or other things. For this reason, it will offer a series of initiatives and events to bring foreign experts and talent in contact with the local community to create a new understanding of active rural living. The communication project funded by the Foundation will be curated by Pretziada.

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Photo © Pretziada