Strategic Footprints adopts Museo Diffuso dei Cinque Sensi di Sciacca

Strategic Footprints is an international agency that works in strategic consultancy and communication and PR services for design and creativity companies. It encourages companies and organisations to develop their own vision and business with physical and digital tools, in a contemporary and sustainable way. “We are fortunate to have been born in an authentic country, but we tend to forget this great originality because it is not easy to manage. Our great strength and our real beauty lie precisely in this authenticity and everyone is committed, even with small actions, to protecting and enhancing this great heritage”. It is with this conviction that Martina Gamboni – CEO & Founder of Strategic Footprints – decided to adopt the Sciacca project. This virtuous and extraordinary project aims at transforming the city of Sciacca into a tourist destination by enhancing the territory and the people who live there. And it is really the Community that gives shape and substance to everything, the citizens, the wise custodians of beauty who inhabit and love a veritable open-air museum and become its entrepreneurs.