White Lady adopts YouTopic Fest

White Lady is a communication agency specialized in Media Relation and Digital PR. Through working with both online and print news outlets, radio and tv, national and local, it is able to strengthen and maintain the reputation of big organizations, small and medium businesses and professionals who want to position themselves in the best way possible in their target market. Besides the press office services it also offers services of influencer relation and a strategic communication consulting aimed at creating content that’s fitting to various media.


White Lady has joined our network of Communication Partners in 2022. Given the productive collaboration that ensued last year, White Lady has decided to continue the adoption of  YouTopic Fest for the 2023 edition. An International Conflict Festival organized by the Associazione Rondine Cittadella della Pace located in Rondine, a small town near Arezzo in Tuscany whose aim is to reduce conflicts in the world by educating people. The project consists in an international festival which aims at creating a dialogue between young people from all over the world and institutions, schools, businesses, newspapers and scholars that would allow them to come to terms with conflict as a characteristic element of our society, from the interior and interpersonal dimension to the intercultural and interreligious one, up to its degeneration in the armed conflict. Debates, workshops, art and celebrations in the unique location of the Rondine town, at the heart of the natural reserve dear to Leonardo Da Vinci, where for over twenty years young nemesis have launched processes of friendship, harmony and beauty to build a model of coexistence and of “peace made in Italy” that serves the global ecosystem.