Encanto Public Relations adopts Spazi Indecisi – Museo Diffuso dell’Abbandono

Encanto Public Relations is the Italian branch of the International PR Boutique network, which has branches in 45 countries the world over, and specialises in strategic communication and media and social relations. It was founded in 1999 by Cristina Cobildi and Roberto Gazzini, and has attracted big brands like Pepsi, Solvay, Yamaha, Burberry, and BlackBerry, to name a few. For the last five years, governments such as the Republic of South Korea and Peru have also hired Encanto, and the agency has been managing communications for their activities in our country since Expo Milano 2015. Through an in-house contest, Encanto chose to help the project Spazi Indecisi-il  Museo Diffuso dell’Abbandono (Unresolved Spaces – the Decentralised Museum of Abandonment) which since 2010 has been experimenting with approaches to enhancing abandoned places, stimulating urban regeneration processes. The project envisions a museum without walls or gates, spaces which become fields of investigation and research for artists, photographers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects and citizens