Funding Awards

The Foundation runs a funding programme focused on supporting projects and activities that valorise beauty in Italy.
The projects may be in the areas of tourism, art, culture, care for the landscape and educational programmes for schools.

In particular, the Foundation funds activities relative to communication, promotion and branding.
The Foundation draws on the decades-long experience of its founder and members in the field of communication to meet the need for the strategic communication of cultural projects in Italy.

The Foundation aims to concentrate on the last mile. In particular, the Foundation secures and allocates resources for existing projects that lack the final step needed for becoming competitive.
A last furlong before success, and so a contribution to strategic communication, branding and awareness, with the goal of helping strong existing entities grow and spreading awareness of the strategic role of communication.

Each year, starting in 2021, the Advisory Board will choose a theme that will guide the Foundation in its selection of projects. Each theme will then be developed into a structured narrative across the Foundation’s communication channels.

The overall amount of funding to be distributed will be determined each year by the President of the Foundation with the President’s Council and will be renewable.
The selected cultural projects will be supported with a freely disbursed award, valued at a maximum of 30,000 euros to be allocated to the communication of the single project.

Extra Award The Foundation may decide to allocate a one-off amount in support of particularly worthy projects

Applications are accepted solely from not-for-profit associations.

The board of the Foundation will select the projects based on the following criteria:

– coherence with the theme of beauty
– scientific value and quality of the project
– strong relationship between cultural value and quality and reference community
– partnerships and networks
– proposing and operational teams

The Advisory Board will prepare a classification. Points will be assigned to the projects based on features and coherence with the above-cited criteria. The classification will be published on the website.

Half of the funds will be distributed at the beginning of the project and half at its conclusion, subject to sending a report and budget statement.
The final statement with spending justifications will need to be sent by a date to be determined when the funds are awarded.
If the statement is not sent, the award winner may not use the funding.

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