About us

The Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza is rooted in a project for the relaunch of Italy’s Competitive Identity. Maurizio di Robilant began developing the idea in 2013, gathering together a group of partners who shared his vision and committed to laying the foundations for bringing it to fruition. The Foundation was set up officially with a notarial act on 10 July 2014. In the months that followed, a number of not-for-profit associations and foundations also became involved, becoming promoters and making a critical contribution to its start up and initiation of its activity.

Maurizio di Robilant


Alessia del Corona Borgia


Giovanni Lanzone

Secretary General and Advisor

Paolo Anselmi


François de Brabant


Elena Sisti

Coordinator Advisory Board

Lodovico Benvenuti

Advisory Board

Michele Brunello

Advisory Board

Manuela Cedarmas

Advisory Board

Chiara Pasqualetti Johnson 

Advisory Board

Mario Pitto

Advisory Board

Fulvia Ramogida 

Advisory Board

Viola Romoli

Advisory Board

Federica Sala

Advisory Board

Simple Flair

Advisory Board

Fabio Cherstich

Advisory Board

Orazio Spoto

Advisory Board

Anna Nosari e Federica Camilla Quaglia

Press and Communication Office

Luca Guarna



Maurizio di Robilant, Giovanni Lanzone, Matteo Farneti, Marco Fanfani, Paolo Anselmi, Diego Maria Visconti, Andrea Illy, Edoardo Andreoli