Idea – International – Design – Events – Architecture adopts Le Pescherie di Giulio Romano

IDEA originated in Milan, the cradle and beating heart of our creativity. The team is composed of an unrivalled intercultural mix that allows their clients to promote their businesses around the world in the best possible way. IDEA offers a wide range of services based on traditional design and construction techniques, and the most modern digitisation, virtual promotion and online marketing technologies.

“As soon as I became acquainted with the Foundation’s work, I immediately made myself and my firm available to provide support for it. I wondered about the meaning of beauty also in reference to the life we are currently challenged by and experiencing. Beauty comes from man and his inexhaustible creative strength. And I believe that one of the most beautiful works that man can make are gifts. A gift is beauty for those who receive it but also for those who offer it. The joy that a gift creates is a unique and highly rewarding source of energy. For me, supporting and sustaining this initiative is a source of joy and beauty”. This is the testimonial of Christian Cairati, who is working, pro bono, on the development of a virtual tour for the Pescherie Giulio Romano project, a fish farm in Mantova. The goal is to make the Pescherie a hospitable gathering place, one which will also promote the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mantua and Sabbioneta.