Idea – International – Design – Events – Architecture adopts the Padua Baptistery

IDEA originated in Milan, the cradle and beating heart of our creativity. The team is composed of an unrivalled intercultural mix that allows their clients to promote their businesses around the world in the best possible way. IDEA offers a wide range of services based on traditional design and construction techniques, and the most modern digitisation, virtual promotion and online marketing technologies.

Renewing their partnership with our foundation, IDEA has decided to adopt this year the project promoted by Kalatà, whose aim is to organize tours and to make accessible the artistic heritage of our country. The project presented by Kalatà and Padua’s diocese, which will be taken on by IDEA, will pertain the Padua Baptistery that with its Scrovegni Chapel is one of the most precious tiles of the city and it has contributed to determine the UNESCO recognition as world capital of the Fourteenth century painting. The recently restored masterpiece by Giusto de’Menabuoi, is currently open to the public thanks to the Touring Club volunteers but there is still room for growth. Starting from June 2022, the Padua diocese and Kalatà will launch a new visit experience to the Baptistery, which will offer an easier and more complete reading of the work and will  engage a wider and more diverse audience.