Antonio Canova Plaster Cast Museum

The small village of Possagno, at the foot of the Grappa massif, is famous the world over for being the birthplace of the great artist Antonio Canova. Not only does it preserve a crucially important art collection, but it is also the cultural reference point for the entire surrounding territory.

The Gypsotheca is the complete collection of the original plaster casts created by Canova himself in his studio in Rome, to be replicated in marble by his workshop. The extraordinary collection of models is located in the Francesco Lazzari basilica and the well-known pavilion designed by Carlo Scarpa (1957). Not only can viewers admire a series of absolute masterpieces, but they can also understand the rich and complex itinerary of Canova’s inventiveness and his connections. In addition to the Gypsotheca, viewers may also visit the place where Canova was born in 1757 and still admire the original furnishings, working tools, gala garments and books that inspired him artistically.

Our Foundation funded the communication and rebranding project. This includes the creation of a new website with an integrated audio guide and virtual tour, and an upgrading of the museum’s signage.

The entire project will be completed in 2022, the year in which Italy and the world will celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Canova’s death.