Studiolabo adopts Firenze Greenway

Studiolabo works in graphic design and execution in various types of media and is involved with producing artistic and cultural events. Cristian Confalonieri, co-founder and creative director of Studiolabo, affirms “One of the most meaningful aspects of our experience is creating networks and developing maps. The Firenze Greenway project impressed us with its unifying potential. It is a vast terrain with room for experimentation with forms of communication and innovative tools, ‘different from the usual’ way of describing Florence.”

The objective of project Firenze Greenway is to create a green infrastructure that provides a walking itinerary of almost 15 km through fertile green city spaces and mineral city spaces. The itinerary connects nature, culture, and architecture, creating a new point of view, a cultural perspective on contemporary green spaces, and an anthem to the Beauty of Florence! Studiolabo will be working on the brand identity for this ambitious project.