The Branding Letters adopts Eolie Music Fest

Founded in 2016, The Branding Letters is a branding agency whose vocation is to develop branding projects where strategy and creativity feed off each other during the entire brand management process. The Branding Letters, in point of fact, originated in the conviction that creativity is only valuable if it is rooted in strategic substance; just as strategy is only valuable if it can inspire an aesthetic of language. Thus, the agency handles brands with the utmost care and design daring, aiming to constantly renew their roots and distinctiveness so that they will always remain attractive and relevant.

For their first time as communication sponsors at our open call, The Branding Letters chose the 2022 edition of the Eolie Music Fest, a festival organized by the Attiva Stromboli association which takes place in the Sicilian islands. The goals of the festival, which rounds up musicians and singers of every kind, are many. In particular the festival is looking to: explore, through music, the territory in a lasting bond between nature and culture; contribute to a careful rediscovery and growth of the Eolian archipelago; promote and enhance the beauties offered by the places where it takes place and amplify the cultural offer with music and collateral activities which could shine a spotlight on local realities; favor a conscious and non-seasonal tourism and lastly become, growing every year, one of the most important music festivals in the Italian scene.