Sibillini Villages

The Borghi Sibillini project originated in eleven municipalities of the Unione Montana dei Sibillini – authentic villages, with a wealth of identity, history and beauty, united by the objective of enhancing differences and uniqueness. The impetus behind the project is to create a coordinated territorial network.

United by the outstanding qualities of the individual places, the artistic and cultural heritage of this area provides the basis for a new season of growth and development in the Marche region, so that the feeling of freedom and moving at a slower pace, often forgotten, can once again be savoured.

This historical moment forces us to deal with the depopulation of the hinterland and at the same time to reorganise migratory flows in large cities, focusing above all on human-scale values.

A special feature of these places is the extreme variety of landscapes: ranging over just a few kilometres from long vibrant beaches to the Apennine mountains by way of evocative lush hills.The basic lines of the agricultural substrate are preserved here in the olive groves, vineyards and rows of fruit trees, but also in the majestic chestnut, beech and oak woods.

The Sibillini villages have won the “in kind” award of our 2021 edition, thus RobilantAssociati is handling their entire branding and strategic communication campaign. During these months they have conducted inspections in the various villages to fully understand the unique features of each of them and the citizens have been asked to fill out surveys. This has allowed Robilant Associati to develop a case study research and to come up with four different branding solutions. On March 16th we will meet with the eleven mayors in Santa Vittoria, headquarter to the Unione Montanara, to continue this work and to give this project a new overall vision on which to build its future.